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Welcome and greeted with kahoa (flower lei).

This tour provides spectacles at extraordinary beauty and absorbing interest for any nature lover and casual visitor. The garden is well known for it's large variety of native plants, medicinal plants, ornamentals, and introduced species all found in one place. The variety of medicinal plants gives you a first-hand introduction to the many use for the traditional local medicine. The beautiful pristine ‘Ene’io Beach surrounding this garden gives an added beauty. ‘Ene’io Botanical Garden is the South Pacific’s finest.


DEPARTURE TIME 10:00 AM - 10:20 AM

INCLUDED Lunch is included


You will enjoy seeing our artisans in action, and seeing first-hand how:

• Tapa cloth is made from the paper mulberry plant used for clothing in the early days.

• Weaving of mats from pandanus used for floor carpet and ceremonial functions.

• Weaving of coconut leaves from coconut plant to make shelter in the early days.

• Making of kava from kava roots as social drink and welcome for tasting.

• Processing of pure nonu juice from nonu fruits, as herbal medicinal drink.

• Making of vanilla essence or extract from vanilla beans and more.

You can swim or snorkel at ‘Ene‘io Beach after the tour and lunch. Shop for wonderful Botanical Products made locally on sale in our gift shop. We assure you a vibrant and educational tour where you can try your hand and learn from the masters.

Polynesian Cultural Tour

Join our popular guided tour by the founder and see locals demonstrate how the early Tongans survived for thousands of years before European contact.

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